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Range of Products by GG Products

  1. Ferrite Transformers
  2. Buck Boost Transformers
  3. 3 Phase / 1 Phase Power Transformers
  4. 3 Phase / 1 Phase Control Transformers
  5. 3 Phase / 1 Phase Dry / Oil Cooled Type Transformers
  6. Pulse Transformers
  7. High Frequency Transformers
  8. Power Transformers
  9. Current Transformers
  10. Cast Resin Current Transformers
  11. Tape Wound Current Transformer
  12. Inverter / UPS Transformers
  13. SMPS Transformers
  14. Line Matching Transformers
  15. 3 Phase / 1 Phase AC / DC Line Chokes
  16. Harmonic Filter Chokes
  17. Copper / Aluminium Foil Winding Chokes
  18. Air Core Reactors
  19. Special Type Coils.

transformers manufacturers in pune India

Thanks to its policy of constant innovation, the company has become a leading manufacturer of transformers in & around Pune.

Scope of Products

The company’s products are extensively used in Electrical Controls Panels, Electronic Instruments, SPM Equipment manufacture Industries, SMPS Power Supply unit, UPS systems, control panels, Sound systems, Telecom Industry etc.

The company’s future plans are to produce export quality special purpose transformers and acquire an ISO 9001:2008.

Quality management system, & Infrastructure to augment our production capacity,

We are a customer oriented company who is concerned for delivering quality products which satisfy our clients,(OEM) supplier.

With the support & encouragement from our Clients & Suppliers we are planning to increase our production capacity, keeping in mind the quality and finishing that our customers expect from us.

Our sensitivity towards changing market demand has helped us to accordingly improve the quality of our products and services.

In the last, we believe in maintaining fruitful relationships with our valued clients & valued supplier.

Control Transformer Manufacturer In Pune India GG Products

Control Transformers

3 Phase Transformers Manufacturers in Pune India

3 Phase Transformers

Buck Boost Transformer Manufacturers in Pune India

Buck Boost Transformers

Ferrite Core Transformer Manufacturers in Pune India

Ferrite Core Transformers


Through our expertise we always emphasize on strict quality control over all our products. Moreover we always ensure to supply the products as ordered by our valued customer in time. Our finished products are 100% tested for all electrical parameters like:-

  1. No load voltages, Full load voltages,
  2. No load current, No load to full load regulations, Efficiency,
  3. High voltage Flash Tests,
  4. Megger Test
  5. And all mechanical dimensions. Raw material like Super enameled copper wire, Laminations, Cables, and Insulating material are procured from reputed Manufacturer or Dealers, Test-Certificate is provided Along with each and every Transformer batch

Other Products

  • Filter Transformer
  • Filter choke
  • Line matching Transformer (used in Telecom Industry)